Sports Massage - A type of massage specifically tailored to meet the needs of athletes and physically active people. It is used to prevent and treat sports injuries, improve athletic performance, shorten post- workout recovery, maintain musculoskeletal balance

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​Avazzia Microcurrent​ Therapy

Avazzia Microcurrent devices provide natural healing without unwanted side effects by using extremely low-level electrical currents to help treat nerve and muscle pain, scar tissue, inflammation and other health challenges. Each tissue in the human body has its own specific electrical frequency which may be disrupted by injury or disease. Avazzia Microcurrent therapy simply restores normal frequencies within the cells, resulting in remarkable improvements in pain, inflammation and function.

Avazzia Microcurrent devices are;



-Non pharmaceutical 

-No danger of addiction

Physiological Benefits of Microcurrent Technology;

Application to skin can increase PERFUSION;

-Improved blood circulation

-Improved lymphatic drainage

Restores normal electro-dynamic properties of tissue;

-Normalizing cell signaling

Increases neuro-peptides for;

-Pain management

-Increased sense of well being

Scar tissue

- Avazzia devices have had remarkable results reducing the associated pain and appearance of scar tissue.

Healing Is Voltage

-Life is electricity

-Injury or disease can disrupt the normal electrical frequencies of healthy human tissue. 

-Chemical reactions, food and waste exchange and cell reproduction in the body result from electricity.

-Different voltages cause different processes.

-Water is necessary for electric currents to flow.

-The body communicates via "Micro Currents".

-The brain is in charge of healing. Avazzia Microcurrent devices speed dial the brain for

 optimal connection and communication with the diseased or injured area of the body for improved healing



-Pacemakers and other electrically powered implanted devices


-Cardiac Arrhythmias

-Cancer and Cancerous Lesions

-Organ Transplants

-Open Wounds


-Severe Mental Disorders


-Thrombophlebitis - treat away from site

-Botox Treatment prior to two weeks post injection

-Pain medication, alcohol intoxication

-Lack of sensation on skin or over sensitivity

-Menstruating uterus

FDA Clearance

Avazzia's Pro-Sport Ultra, Pro Sport 3, RSI, Best Pro-1 and Avazzia Blue devices and accessories are cleared as microcurrent T.E.N.S. devices for symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain and adjunct treatment of post-surgical and post traumatic pain. 

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