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​Bio Page Photo - Ultrasound - Therapeutic ultrasound is the use of sound waves to treat musculoskeletal problems. The sound waves travel  deep into the tissue and create heat that helps relieve pain, reduce muscle spasm, break up scar tissue adhesions and calcium deposits and aids in the healing process of conditions such as ligament sprains, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis and joint contractures.


Moira Kiley, ATC, MAT, is graduate of Endicott College and Salem State University and holds degrees in both business and sports medicine with a minor in biology. She has been an active member of the NATA since 1988 and the ABMP since 2004.

Before establishing Hands On Therapy, Moira gained practical experience in the prevention, recognition and treatment of sports injuries while working in various settings including sports medicine clinics, high school athletic training facilities, sport camps, and local and national sporting events. Since then she has specialized as a clinical ATC and the focus her work has been on corrective manual and structural therapies that help bring the body back into a natural balance in order to both prevent and treat the strain patterns that lead to pain and injury. 

A strong interest in general wellness led Moira to pursue studies in complimentary therapies in order to offer a multifaceted integrative approach to healing for both the athlete and non-athlete a like.

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