Sports Massage - A type of massage specifically tailored to meet the needs of athletes and physically active people. It is used to prevent and treat sports injuries, improve athletic performance, shorten post- workout recovery, maintain musculoskeletal balance

Hands On Therapy


At Hands On Therapy our mission is simply to help you move better by providing services that are designed to restore motion and relieve pain so that you may participate in the activities you enjoy.

Our philosophy is that knowledge is essential to healing and an integrative hands-on approach and proper client education are the keys to the prevention,recognition and treatment of sports injuries, postural imbalances and the strain patterns that lead to muscular tension and pain.

Whether you are a serious athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or simply have a busy, active lifestyle, Hands On Therapy will provide you with the personalized care you need to help you reach your sports health, pain management and/or general wellness goals.

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​​​Injuries, improper body mechanics, and sedentary lifestyles​ can all lead to stiffness and other physical symptoms that are often misinterpreted as "aging". Watch this short video to learn how manual therapies can reintroduce movement to restricted muscles and other tissues and help you to achieve optimal sports performance and pain-free range of motion.

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